The aim of this site is to test your intuition. There is a right brain test, a people watching test and (for contrast) a logic test. The purpose of the tests is to measure intuition across a broad range of people. No personal details are asked for; the tests are anonymous.

The Right Brain Test
Logic is about certainty and being right, but there are many occasions in life when we cannot be certain we are right. That is when we apply intuitive judgement. This test provides you with too little information to apply logic and so forces you to apply your intuition. Click on the image to take the test.


The People Watching Test
Most of our judgments about people are intuitive. That is because there is more to a person than we can see directly. Logic deals with what we can define, but intuition deals with what we cannot define – and people defy logic. Click on the image below to start the test.


The Logic Test
Is it possible to be both logical and intuitive? Test your logic skills. In this test the questions have only one right answer. If what is presented is puzzling, the application of logic will solve it, and so you have to extract all the available information in order to arrive at the solution. Click on the image to start the test.