People-watching Test

Test your people watching skills. The following questions are designed to prevent the user from arriving at a logical judgement and so force an intuitive response. Most of our judgements about people are intuitive because there is always more to a person that what we see directly. Logic can only deal with what we see, but intuition deals with what is indirect, hidden or difficult to define. That is why we use intuition to make our judgements about people. The intuitive mind can see what the logical mind cannot see. There is a short survey at the end of the test. The purpose of the survey is to measure intuition across a broad range of people. No personal details are asked for; the survey is anonymous.

People Watching Test

Which pair of eyes belongs to a serial killer?


One of the paintings below is by a man and one is by a woman. Which one is by a man?


Has one of these faces been enhanced to make it more attractive or not?


One of these women is an artist and one is a hooker. Which one is the hooker?


Has one of these images of Billy Connolly been altered?


Has one of these images of Paul McKenna been altered?


Does this palm belong to a man or a woman?


One section of handwriting is by a man, the others are by women. Which was written by a man?


The ears on one side belong to men and the ears on the other side belong to women. Which ears belong to women?


The background has been cropped from this photo. Where was it taken?