test-headerQ. What is the method behind the tests?
A. We use intuition when we do not have enough information to make a logical or rational decision. For example, when we first meet someone, we know little about them and so we use intuition to make a judgement or decision about them. The tests mimic this by providing the user with too little information to make a logical judgement, and so they are forced to make an intuitive one.

Q. Isn’t this just measuring guesswork?
A. Intuition is more than just guesswork, but it is true to say we use intuition when we have to make guesses. A person with a good intuitive ability will make good guesses, whereas a person with a logical ability will want to know the ‘correct’ answer. Logic deals best with what we already know; but there are many things in life we do not know. That is why we have to make many guess and assumptions in life.

Q. Is the right side of the brain really more intuitive?
A. Left-brain and right brain thinking are really just other terms for logical and intuitive thinking. So when people search for ‘intuitive thinking’ they also search for ‘right brain thinking’. What matters is not where the thinking occurs but whether the thinking is intuitive or not. We are capable of both types of thinking.

Q. Why is there an accompanying book?
A. The education system does not train us to think intuitively. Intuition is either ignored by mainstream education or dismissed as emotional feeling or weak logic. But intuition is much more than weak logic; the aim of the book is to provide the reader with a fuller understanding of what intuition is, what it does and how it works. Click on the image below for more information:

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Q. Will you publish the results?
A. I will publish them at some point in future. If I did so now it would skew the outcome.

Q. Who is behind the tests?
A. I am an author and journalist and I write about intuition. I wanted to investigate whether certain people are more intuitive than others. I also wanted to know whether education helps or hinders intuition.