Logic Test

Is it possible to be both logical and intuitive? Test your logic skills. The following questions have only one right answer. If what is presented is puzzling, the application of logic will solve it. We use logic when there is enough information to solve a problem. That is why logic does not allow for guesswork; if you guess it means you have not applied sufficient logic. In order to apply logic you have to extract all the available information, remove any errors and then arrive at the obvious solution. Take the test and check your ability to think logically. There is a short survey at the end of the test. The purpose of the survey is to measure logic against intuition across a broad range of people. No personal details are asked for; the survey is anonymous.

Logic Test

What is the missing word?


The image below is made up of 10 triangles. What is the ratio of the yellow triangle to the image as a whole?


The total value of each side is 10. The value of an orange is 3. What is the value of the lemon?


If A is 1, B is 2 and C is 2, what is D?


Each letter of the alphabet has an ascending value, from A = 1 to Z = 26. What is the total value of the letters?


Inside this Matryoshka Doll is another doll exactly half its mass. Inside that one is another exactly half the mass and so on to infinity. Does the total mass of the dolls inside equal the mass of the outer doll?


What is the colour and shape that should replace the question mark?


You have one dime, two quarters and one nickel. What is the minimum number of extra coins you need to make up a dollar?


One box contains 1kg doorstops, the other contains 1.5kg doorstops and the last contains 2kg doorstops. Which one has the 1kg doorstops?


If the value of A = 1, the value of B = 1 and the value of C= 2, what is the value of D?