Right Brain Test

Take the right brain test. The following questions are designed to prevent the user from applying logic. When we cannot apply logic, we are forced to apply intuitive judgement. Logic is about certainty and being right, but there are few occasions in life when we can be certain about being right. The tests are designed to mimic life decisions; we use use intuition in life because we do not always have enough information to apply logic. That is why our more important decisions and judgements are intuitive. There is a short survey at the end of the test. The purpose of the survey is to measure intuition across a broad range of people. No personal details are asked for; the survey is anonymous.

Right Brain Test

Which plumbob is hanging straight down?


Is this Tower of Pisa standing upright or not?


Is the red flag bigger than the blue flag or not?


How many dots are there in the graphic below?


One of the haikus below is real and one was generated by a computer. Which one is real?


Are the jelly beans the same colour or not?


Which of the three angles is exactly square (or 90 degrees)?


Is the blue square larger than the red squares?


Which of the three sections is the largest?


One bar is exactly half blue and half red. The other two are not. Which one?